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Security Staff (left to right)

Worf (July 3, 1995 - March 5, 2009): named for Lieutenant Worf, Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise

Grusha (April 8, 2002 - January 13, 2016): named for the heroine of Bertolt Brechtís The Caucasian Chalk Circle (a kitchen maid who saves the prince abandoned by the queen, and raises him as her own son)

The Security Department was founded by Yuba (1978-1994), a German Shepherd who was the Chestnut Street, Albany (between Swan and Dove streets) block dog from 1979 until she adopted Peter in 1985, and who accompanied him to the office from 1990 until her death.

The office has a present vacancy for the position of Security Director. Interested applicants must have completed Obedience Training, and be able to distinguish between people who need to be disarmed by tail-wagging and cuteness, and those who need to be confronted more forcefully.