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When is a corporation a person?  When it wants to be. Will Kiobel end Alien Tort Statute litigation? University of Wyoming Law Review
September 2012
Article analyzing the Supreme Court case of Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum and anticipating the April 17, 2013 decision of the court
Oklahoma Courts May Not Consider "International" Law
International Law News
Spring 2011, page 19
Article discussing a court decision that enjoined the certification of election results for a ballot initiative that prohibited Oklahoma state courts from considering international law
Human Rights and the Alien Tort Statute:
Law, History and Analysis

American Bar Association
August 2009
450 page book offering a comprehensive discussion of a crucial statute for international human rights litigation.
Rapanos and Warren - A Tale of Two
: The Supreme Court Bats .500
Albany Law Environmental Outlook Journal
Article comparing the Supreme Court decisions in two cases interpreting the Clean Water Act
The Alarm Clock Didn't Ring: The Failure to Consider the Environmental Impacts of the "Deregulation" of the Electric Industry in New York New York Environmental Lawyer
Spring 2002
Article describing the failure of deregulation of electricity in New York
Great Future in Plastics?  The Judicial Repeal of Standing for Environmental Organizations in SEQRA Cases New York Environmental Lawyer
Fall  2001
Article describing the increasing difficulties for community organizations to obtain standing to maintain SEQRA lawsuits
Increased Authority of States to Impose Conditions on Hydroelectric Projects under Jefferson Co. PUD Journal of Environmental Permitting
Spring 1995
Article analyzing the implications of a major U.S. Supreme Court decision on State Water Quality Certificates