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Peter's practice has been dedicated to opposing corporate greed and overreaching governmental authority, to advancing the public interest, and to protecting civil rights.
Broadband Access
In 2015-2016, Peter has become increasingly active in the fight for broadband equity in New York state.
Peter's environmental law practice is divided between opposing obnoxious projects (especially proposed landfills), representing plaintiffs in tort legislation, citizen suits under the Federal Clean Water Act and other statutes, representation of municipalities (both with respect to desirable new projects and fighting undesirable projects), and tort litigation. He has also represented individuals, environmental organizations and communities concerned about hydrofracking.  He has published articles about the New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).  Peter is also very active with respect to energy issues, particularly issues pertaining to the "restructuring" or deregulation of the electric industry, Water Quality Certificates under 401 of the Clean Water Act and wind energy.
Peter has represented individual employees and labor unions in their efforts to obtain redress for workplace injustices; particularly with respect to employment discrimination, constitutional rights and union democracy.  He uses a variety of strategies; including contractual greivance procedures, unfair or improper labor practice charges, creative litigation and non-litigation measures on behalf of his clients.
Since establishing his practice in 1984, Peter has actively litigated civil rights cases, including reapportionment cases, First and Fourth Amendment cases, law enforcement misconduct cases (representing both plaintiffs and defendants), and equal protection and due process claims, in both state and federal courts.

Peter's interest in international human rights law stems from a deeply held belief that the world should be governed by the rule of law, and that every persons right to life, liberty and dignity should be enforcible as a matter of international law.  In 2009 Peter's book, Human Rights and the Alien Tort Statute: Law, History and Analysis, was published by the American Bar Association. Peter went to Mongolia from May to July 2011, to work as an advisor for the Center for Human Rights and Development. 
Peter has handled a variety of cases under statutes such as the Federal False Claims Act (Qui Tam).  He has also represented whistleblowers in state and federal courts, and handled state and federal freedom of information issues.